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with the option to customise as per requirement of your organisation

Crafting mission, vision and core values

This is completely a facilitative programme with the  company’s apex members. For the core purpose a deep dive need to the origins and growth of the company to the present level and critical incidents in the journey gives an understanding of the reason why the company came into existence.

Applied Transaction Analysis

This workshop enables appreciation of Transactional Analysis (TA) concepts and charts out specific ways to develop one’s skills in areas of

1. Apply TA for resolving conflicts
2. Enhancing one’s
abilities to persuasively communicate
3. Building interpersonal skills for improved outcomes.

Conflict Resolution Using MBTI

This programme uses MBTI profiling to enhance conflict resolution skills of the participants. In addition to MBTI instrument, Thomas Kilman theory would be experienced by the participants in practice, wherein they become more skilled in appropriate handling of inter – personal and inter – team conflicts.

Bold and persuasive communication

This programme deals with enhanced competencies in impactful communication for making dialogues constructive and effective for substantial improvement in performance. Additionally assertive communication would be covered. This programme is a building block for going towards an OCTAPACE culture.

Personal and Team Effectiveness

This program will provide an opportunity for participants to develop one’s strengths and become aware of their areas of development, the main objective being substantial enhancement in performance. In addition, the nuances of working in teams collaboratively will be experienced by the

Leadership styles and style flex

Leaders, in guiding their teams toward achieving organizational goals often need to adapt their approach to fit the needs of their team and the context of a given task or project. They employ a combination of leadership styles and practice style flex. A questionnaire to profile the individual leadership style of each participant will be the starting point.

managing bosses, peers and subordinates

Managing bosses, peers, and subordinates effectively is crucial for success in any professional environment. An interactive session of one day duration will highlight the typical characteristics and ways to manage them productively and constructively. The outcome is to establish strong relationships based on trust and respect and foster a collaborative work environment.

Result Orientation with Execution Excellence

Starting with understanding self and others through MBTI & the magic of constructive feedback one learns how to influence people without authority. There are several exercises embedded to learn and experience nuances in conflict resolution and consensus building.

Personal Power

There are six stages of “personal power” in any one’s professional life. In this programme the participants will go through different stages using questionaries and interactive discussions. This develops awareness of where each one of participant is currently located and ways and means to move forward are elicited.